The Fastest Growing Technology Platform for Family Offices to View and Invest in Private Placements

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Family Office Networks’ ALT Platform is a financial technology tool designed to help family offices co-invest
with other families as well as access qualified investment opportunities.

Family offices can view real estate, private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds as well as private companies and
investment banking deals. Family offices are able to search, filter, and view the different private placements
based on their investment criteria such as size, industry, performance, etc.

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Family Office Networks

FON Small Cap Nation interview

SCN's Julia Sun sits down with Andrew Schneider, the founder & CEO of Family Office Networks, to discuss the Family Office community he has built. Family Office Networks is a unique collection of different Family Offices located throughout the world that is able to bring the financial industry and financial professionals to various single family and multi-family office locations. We are able to offer a diverse list of financial management services to millions of wealthy individuals and their families.